Here are some entries that may help you to get to know me a little better. And a few that I actually like. But here is where you will learn the most about me and how my mind works. Because let’s face it… it really is all about me.

How did I end up here?

What goes around comes around…good lord let’s hope not!


The List: 100 Things About Me

Reality Check

We get our own holiday too?

When fertility drugs attack: Part II

The birth of my comic book alter ego

Cheaper than therapy (this is the one that will get me fired…)

Where the wild things are

Pierre Who? (About mom and dad)

I think I may have told my husband that Martha Stewart would make him her bitch.

And you thought the news about the spammers was big…

A day without making fun of stupid people is like…well…its like today.

Spreadsheets, Taxonomy, and Jimmy Choo

There is a distinct possibility that sometimes I bitch too much.


Where I’ve Been.

Introducing Hugo.

A rambling mess that will surely piss someone off.

Next Address Unknown.

Yet more “almost-30” naval gazing.