So today is the second annual “International Webloggers Day” and even though I didn’t technically sign up to participate, I still thought I would.

So far, this little experiment of mine has been really interesting. Not to mention a great deal of fun. I’ve met some wonderful people and found that perhaps I’m not quite as bizarre as I once thought. Although whether that is a good or a bad thing remains to be seen.

Have I learned anything? Um, I don’t know. Well actually, yeah, I’ve learned some things about myself. First of all, I have just as filthy language when I’m writing as I do speaking. I was a little surprised by this. Also, I’ve learned to laugh at myself more often. Because let’s face it people, I’m a goon.

That’s been the best part, learning to laugh at myself. I think once you are able to do that then you can just sit back and let things ride every now and then. Because we can all take things so damn seriously. And that’ll kill you people. Early death and everything. No good.

I’ve been amazed that there are so many bloggers out there. And I’ve only been at this for a short time but you start to feel some degree of camaraderie with these people who you’ve never actually met. I really love that.

In my own sappy way, I guess what I’m saying is so far, so good. Let the games continue motherfuckers.


Oh, and tomorrow we are going to tackle the question of why most men are basically retarded at the grocery store. I think I’ve discovered a new use for camera phones people.

P.S again…T-minus two days till crazy psycho Clomid wife is unleashed on small villages.