I didn’t get picked. Even though I was number 7 on the list. Nope. Not me. Apparently a psychotic episode WILL get you out of jury duty. You know…for those of you who may be into that sort of knowledge for future reference.

So this Ashley Smith chick who had that run-in with that guy who shot a bunch of people in a courthouse in Atlanta a few years ago…well apparently she is from Augusta and her husband was stabbed to death in 2001. And this was for that M-U-R-D-E-R trial. That is SUCH exciting shit. And damned if I didn’t get picked. Its like not getting picked for kickball in elementary school all fucking over again.

I wouldn’t have been impartial anyway. The defendants looked like punks I’d scraped off the bottom of my shoe. I mean really. If you’re going to have dark chest hair and a large tattoo then please for the love of GOD have the decency to wear an undershirt under your cheap ass white dress shirt. Just a thought…

Also a couple of things I learned this morning…bald heads are THE courtroom accessory this spring AND? Denim purses and track suit pants are back in fashion. Who knew?