Contrary to popular opinion, I am actually old and dull and no fun unless I’m really pissed off at someone or having some SERIOUS hormonal adventures. So when Patrick and I put on our party clothes and went out for New Years, we were hoping the night would produce some highly entertaining photographic evidence. We were not disappointed.

In a nutshell, the night involved fire, theft, a puppy, acrobatic feats, and an accidental near-sterilization. Not necessarily in that order. Although I’m pretty sure the trouble started when the boys all piled in the back of a pick up truck (god bless the south) for a run to the liquor store for more of this…

And on the way back, they “commandeered” (aka THEIVED) a discarded Christmas tree which went from this…

(And yes…that IS Patrick lighting the fire and that IS someone standing there with a hose because Patrick’s pyromaniac tendencies aren’t exactly a secret)

to this…

in record time.

That event was followed by some more

and a little

which led to Patrick in a tree.

Why was he in the tree? Well, because he was rescuing this little angel.

Not pictured…the aftermath of me ACCIDENTALLY shooting my friend Emily’s fiancee in the nuts with a roman candle and the new gash in my leg when I recalled the roman candle event at a most inopportune moment…shaving my legs in the shower the next day…OUCH!

Anyway, happy new year. Again.