One of the (many many) things I’ve always envied about my sister was the large group of girlfriends who have remained constant in her life from the time she was in elementary school. Its a group that continuously grew and very rarely got smaller.

Throughout high school and college, these girls stayed in touch and when Betsy joined a sorority, her circle grew even larger. While people would move away, get married, and continue where their lives would take them, they would always be able to tell you where they all were and what they were doing.

I was never a constant girlfriend person until a few years ago. I don’t think that I ever stayed the same person for long enough to accumulate good and trusting girlfriends. But since moving to Georgia, I’ve also collected a group of girlfriends. A couple have since moved in different directions, some of us are married, others aren’t, but we try to get together as often as we can. Recently, I’ve also expanded that circle to include people who I’ve never actually met, something that just blows my mind. (Cue sappy internet blogosphere moment).

I don’t think I realized the necessity of girlfriends until recently. But this weekend, seeing all these people travel back to Knoxville from everywhere they have scattered too made me think about it. My girlfriends are so precious to me and yes…Patrick is my best friend in the whole world but DAMN. A girl needs her bitches too.

So in honor…I present you my sister and some of the girlfriends…