Planning ahead usually bites me in the ass. I sort of had it in the back of my head yesterday afternoon that today Patrick and I might play hookey. Well…I’M playing hookey; he worked 19 hours in one day yesterday so he DESERVES a relaxation day.

You see, I had just heard some news yesterday afternoon that had quite an effect on me and so naturally, I started venting and I’ll share that post soon, I’m sure. But not today.

I came up here to just pop that post up here really quick (and find if Amalah had gone into labor yet and YES!!! SHE HAS!!!) and as I was reading over it I realized something. While when I was writing it, I was horribly upset, defeated, and just generally feeling sorry for myself. Today…not so much.

I sat here for a second and took stock of the day. This beautiful Friday where I woke up in bed surrounded by the things I love the most and cherish more than anything. My amazing and wonderful husband who saves me from myself daily and our adorable and precious Belle and Luna. This is my family and I…even now…there are no words to describe the grateful and fulfilled feeling I had as I sat up and looked at the three peaceful sleepers in the bed with me. (I also once again blessed the gods of furniture for creating the king size bed because DAMN…that dog can sprawl!)

And as we sat on the couch and had a lazy breakfast, watched Blue Planet, cuddled with each other, played footsie, watched the cat tear around the living room like a wild animal on SERIOUS LSD and I fed the dog leftover omlette from a fork I got a little more warm and fuzzy in the heart and fell just a little more in love with my husband.

So you know…maybe our family will grow, maybe it won’t. But I can’t let the uncertainty block out what I already have. A really fucking fantastic life.