So what’s new with everyone? In honor of the new school year starting, let’s have sort of a “What I did on my summer vacation” moment. I’ll go first…I GOT PREGNANT.

Okay, that’s about all I can manage right now, I’m still in sort of an alternate universe about the whole thing. Details will be forthcoming.

But no shit people, it actually happened, I’m not completely and totally broken. Its still early yet and I probably shouldn’t even be telling you yet but I am. I’m only about 4 weeks (will confirm at the doctor in the near future) but I peed on that fucker and it was all “damn bitch…you done got knocked up” and shit.

EDIT: The internet just told me that my due date is April 20th. Teehee…4/20. That seemed fitting for a reformed pothead such as myself. The internet also told me I’m 6 weeks, not 4. Interesting…The internet, she knows so much. I figure she must be a woman.

Editing YET AGAIN…see I’ve decided to just add to this one as the day goes on. I’m silly and kicky like that so kiss my knocked up, cake-craving ass.

But anyway…the SHOPPING. The shopping has commenced people! I am one of those superstitious people who thinks you shouldn’t bring anything for the baby into the house until after the first trimester. However, getting by on a technicality, this really is more for ME and PATRICK than the baby, right?