I’m feeling neglected. It has been several days since anyone has offered me a fruity beverage or alerted me to the existence of a buffet… I am now operating on a rum deficiency and that is a tragic way to go through life my friends. I’ve glimpsed the other side and I’m not afraid to tell you… I may chuck it all and go work for a cruise line. I can mix drinks with the best of them, I could TOTALLY be a bartender.

Patrick, of course, is not interested in the plan and does not relish the thought of becoming a single parent to two dogs and two cats so I SUPPOSE I shall make this sacrifice as I am a good wife who is willing to do things like that.

STOP LAUGHING AT ME… I can be a good wife! It’s down in there somewhere.

I don’t think I could work on a cruise ship because we got off that damn boat on Sunday morning and it’s Tuesday and I’m still a little off-kilter. And rum for breakfast has NOT helped in the least. It pairs so poorly with Cheerios and I can’t bring myself to buy the Fruit Loops it so obviously calls for.

So sad. Remember when I was here…?

These, and a certain Piano Bar featuring the most adorable and talented damn musician I’ve ever come across, are my new happy places.