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Published by PaintingChef on 28 Nov 2008

In an earlier life I was also thankful for the paint fumes…

Yesterday I was thankful for wine. And pie. And then for wine again. And then I was thankful for my bed and my pajamas with no waistband. Because after all that wine and pie… waistbands were not my friend.

But that was yesterday. Today my thankfulness is different. I am thankful for my house that is far, far away from the crowds of crazy shopping fools. I am thankful for the internet because it allows me to shop on the insane shopping day without putting on pants. Because I’m still not in love with pants.

Speaking of being in love with something… I am also thankful for paint. Look! Green! A decision about the green kitchen has been made. The green walls stay. I love them. The cabinets will be refinished to match the dining room furniture.

And also on the thankful list? My cozy, cozy living room with its new brown walls. Milk chocolate to be exact.

And here is the big red couch where Patrick and I sat this morning and calculated just how many tons of butter, flour and sugar I will go through when I commence the Great Christmas Baking Extravaganza of 2008.

I’m thankful for that couch.

Published by PaintingChef on 20 Nov 2008

One Half of a Potentially Awkward Phone Conversation

Oh. Hi.

Wait… what?

Oh, no, I swear… its not you… its me.

You see… I’ve been in excruciating pain. I bruised my tailbone.

Yes… I was standing still.

Yes… I was in my own front yard, thanks for pointing that out.

Well… you see there was this incident with Archie on a leash and he got excited and wanted to lurch and I wasn’t prepared for lurching.

What do you mean “who”? You know I have another dog.

Oh… yeah… I guess you’re right. He is just one of those loose ends that never got mentioned again. There are a few of those floating around here… sorry.

Well, I’ll let you judge for yourself… but I think he’s adjusting nicely…

Published by PaintingChef on 17 Nov 2008

Help Wanted. Apply Inside.

After painting even more walls the most bee-yoo-tee-ful green my little eyes ever did see, it has become quite clear to me that the problem is the cabinets. It has become even clearer to me that new cabinets have less of a place in our household budget than those wonderful people who come and create a dressing area and shoe closet out of that nook under your stairs. (Also clear? We have no stairs.)

So the green in the kitchen shall live on. And apparently I will refinish my kitchen cabinets after all. But most likely without paying a trained professional because I’ve decided I would like to continue purchasing shampoo, deodorant and the brain cells of baby seals to rub under my eyes at night. Anyone want to come help? Payment will be rendered in wine, cake and public airing of all your dirty laundry on the internet. How could you resist?

Also? As soon as I clear off the painting clutter this evening, I promise to photograph all the painting that happened this weekend and share it with you. And yes. It really is THAT GREEN. And it makes me happy.

Published by PaintingChef on 14 Nov 2008

A really long way for me to refuse to admit I’ve made a mistake.

Let’s dispense with politeness, shall we? You’ve all seen pictures of the old house. You’ve borne witness to the bright blue kitchen with the black and white checked floor. The lime green laundry room. I think it’s a fair assessment that my allergy to boring white walls has been well documented. And whatever anyone else thought of it, I adored my house. My kitchen made me smile and I never really minded people feeling the need to keep their sunglasses on in my laundry room. So I think its understandable that I was somewhat… petrified at the thought of a new house that had been untouched by my paintbrush. When we started looking for houses, I started my quest once again for things that would inspire me and point me in a direction for each room.

But new house came with a new challenge. OPENNESS! I assure you, I’m not complaining. I adore the half wall that separates my kitchen from my living room. I love being wrapped in the soft cocoon that only Dylan McKay can provide me while unloading the dishwasher, a task that otherwise makes me all stabby. I don’t mind getting up in the middle of a 3rd and long play to refill my wine because I am no longer running to another room. Overall? New house is a substantial upgrade.

However… suddenly a nice convenient corner was no longer a good enough starting or ending point when it came to selecting a wall color. Which is why, I’m certain, the old homeowners selected a bland light, institutional green and just went to town. And then, to be creative, they painted the dining room a weird purpley-red. And when that wasn’t enough, they hauled out their flux capacitor, popped it in the Delorian and moseyed on back to 1987 and painted one accent wall hunter green. I loathe hunter green with every fiber of my being and even though SOMEONE doesn’t realize it, the fact that that damn wall has been allowed to exist in its hunter green state since January while SOMEONE felt the need to finish out a basement instead is a testament to my patience and perfection and general awesomeness.

The bedroom was easy. I fell in love with a silk duvet in Pottery Barn and the slivery-blue and chocolate brown boudoir was born. It might even get things hung on the wall eventually. Things that have lived in a cardboard envelope for NINE DAMN MONTHS while BASEMENTS THAT I NEVER STEP FOOT IN were being finished. (Are we back here again? I’m so embarrassed…) Hey… do you want to know what is a truly horrible and ill-conceived plan? A silk duvet. On a bed where a dog sleeps. Regularly.

My next challenge was the living room-kitchen-dining room combo. I had fallen in love with a picture of a grass-green dining room will loads of white molding and dark furniture. And declared that I would be doing just that. And then I started to think that perhaps the green would be nice in the kitchen too. After all, its not really THAT much wall, there are so many cabinets and it will just flow so perfectly… and 5 paint samples a patchwork wall later, we now have a green kitchen. That I am struggling to love. I think the green is the right green, its exactly the shade I was hoping for. Unfortunately, the cabinets? Aren’t cooperating. Also not in on the plan? The grey countertops. I’m not sure how I managed to overlook these things when I was making the possibly ill-advised color choice. The dining room will still be green and with the white trim and the dark furniture, it will be fantastic. The kitchen though? Is still a work in progress.

Pictures would be helpful. I, however, am one of those unhelpful types. But after playing around on the Sherwin-Williams website, I have come up with some close approximations using the exact color I selected. (I am not responsible for your computer screwing up the color… mmmkay?)

The dining room execution is lovely. Lots of white trim, dark colored furniture. Love, love love.

And then there was this…

I have decided to live with it for a bit and see what happens. Like maybe my cabinets (that aren’t even as light as the ones in this imaginary kitchen) will magically get darker. That happens, right?

Published by PaintingChef on 07 Nov 2008

A Placeholder…

I have so much to talk about. My heart has been bursting at the seams for two whole days now and I can’t get it out. I feel like we can finally, as a nation, begin to heal from the raping both we and The Constitution have been victim to for the past 8 years. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. And yes… you’ve all read the glowing statements of hope and excitement all over the blogosphere for a few days now. And you’ll get one more right here… just as soon as I can make it take form on paper. Right now it exists as only a buzz that vibrates through my body. A kind of white noise of optimism and anticipation that floats fuzzily in the air and is the only reason I haven’t just flipped right on out because while on the one hand… life is AWESOME…

But also? My life is busting at the seams and I’m not just talking about my pants…

The business side of my life and my job is threatening to drown me and I have actually had to hire a part time assistant at work. She starts on Monday the 17th. Which would be totally awesome if it weren’t for the fact that I am SO irony’s bitch… I am hiring an assistant and she’ll be so busy chained to a desk working through the massive list that has grown to over a dozen post its notes as things come up that I know I will never get accomplished that I may end up being the one to fetch Starbucks while I’m out running errands that I have no time to do…


And by the way… WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME that there was a sequel to Center Stage?!?! Peter Gallagher and Ethan Stiefel are BOTH back in all their “I’m too good for this shit” and “Oh my god, it’s embarrassing that I’m even on screen pretending to act, here, I’ll distract you with a pirouette and my bugling man-tights” glory… respectively. Center Stage: Turn It Up INDEED! I was only able to watch bits and pieces of this fine, fine masterpiece during 90210 commercials but I have a feeling it will be on Oxygen on Sunday and TiVo WILL BE INVOLVED. Now if you’ll excuse me, there is a search I need to do on iTunes…

< end humiliation >

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