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Published by PaintingChef on 31 Mar 2005

Breaking News

So Terri Schiavo has died. While this is very sad, I think its a relief. I think this was SUCH a tragic case of parents overstepping the bounds of marriage. Yes, her parents loved her very very much and I cannot imagine the pain that they must have felt at losing their daughter after such a long and horrible struggle. And of course, I don’t know details of the Schiavo’s marriage, nobody knows the whole story except the Schiavos and now one of them is gone. But when you get married, your parents become secondary, your family is you and your spouse. This is all really awful, I think the whole thing could have been prevented with a living will. And if anything good can come of such a tragic situation, it is that people have started talking about having a living will. I found one here. Please, talk to your significant other and/or your family. The most common age group of people who wind up in a vegatative state is 25-34 due to accidents. I heard that this morning and I couldn’t believe it!! Make a living will. The husband and I are going to do this TONIGHT. Do the same!!! Rest in peace Terri Schiavo.

Published by PaintingChef on 31 Mar 2005

Number Crunching

When you are trying to get pregnant and you have broken ovaries, you have to do a lot of counting. Marking days on the calendar and peeing on sticks to see if you are ovulating. Really takes the romance right on out of things. I was never one for the numbers, I batted my eyelashes through two semesters of accounting in college and never did manage to pass either finite math or probability and statistics and I tried both of those multiple times.

Anyway, counting sucks.

Published by PaintingChef on 29 Mar 2005

Going Down in a Blaze of Snow Covered Glory

I’m back. Oregon was just beautiful, the trip was wonderful, there are only a handful of stories that will be repeated at every family function for the next 25 years. I am proud to say that I have a starring role in the main one.

Its true, just scroll down to check, I joked about breaking legs and sliding down the mountain on my face but I did neither of those things. No sir, I tore my knee up and slid down the mountain on my BACK. Let’s keep things accurate. We’re talking bringing my ass down in the sled, the whole works. And on the FIRST DAY no less.

Now the husband will tell you, I’m not one of the greatest patients in the world, I do NOT like to ask for things and I do NOT tolerate pain well. But here I was, laid up with a broken knee and a mother intent on taking me SHOPPING. Now I love me some shopping but the day after I blew out my knee, hobbling on crutches with a freaky knee immobilizer and doped up on Vicodin is just not the ideal time to shop.

So anyway, that’s what happened.

Published by PaintingChef on 17 Mar 2005

Headed Out West

I am leaving on Saturday morning to go out to Oregon on a family vacation. The husband and I are going skiing with my parents, my sister and her finacee, my mom’s two brothers, one brother’s wife, both of her brothers sons, my grandmother and my great aunt. Phew…did I miss anyone? Is that lucky number 13 people?

But anyway, my parents are totally generous as they’ve rented this giant house in Bend, Oregon and told everyone…if you can get yourselves here, you have a place to stay. I’m SO excited.

Except for a couple of things. Let’s just say that this hasn’t exactly been the most “harmonious” time with some of these people. Particularly, one brother, his son, and my grandmother. Basically, my cousin is a 16 year old asshole who needs to have the snot beat out of him one time really good and grounded for about a year. But nobody has the balls to do that so he just keeps getting in trouble and people just keep making excuses for him. It sucks.

And now I’ve been told that if he acts like…well, like himself, that I can’t say anything to him. Well THAT’S not going to work. You don’t know me all that well yet but let’s just say that keeping my mouth shut…not so much. And this is a BIG vacation for me and the husband, I’ll be damned if some 16 year old jackass is going to ruin it. Regardless though, I should have some good stories for you when I return. But I will be gone for about a week.

Also, I haven’t been snowskiing in 7 years. That’s a LOOOONG time. And I’ve never been out west. I really really don’t want to break a leg or anything. And I’m not in the fittest of physical conditions. But I used to be pretty good so I’m going to just go and have a blast and try not to ski off the side of a mountain or anything. I did get a new ski jacket. It’s pink. TOO CUTE. So even if I am found skidding down the mountain on my face, by god, I’ll be cute doing it.

I just don’t know if I’ll be able to post while I’m there. I don’t have a laptop and I plan to spend time on the slopes, not hunting a computer so like I said, later taters!

Published by PaintingChef on 16 Mar 2005


I’m pissed. TWICE I have composed this post and TWICE it hasn’t worked for whatever reason. Currently Blogger sucks ass. Sorry but it does. I’ll apologize later. I’m typing this in word because I don’t want to have to come up with it for yet a FOURTH time.

Whatever…here’s the story:

Last night the husband and I rented “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” Now anyone who knows me will tell you that I hate Jim Carrey with the burning fire of a thousand STDs. His whole over the top face contortionist always looking constipated or in the process of relieving said constipation in a somewhat explosive manner just doesn’t do it for me. But whatever, not the point, this isn’t a movie review. But for those of you who are into that sort of thing, I thought it was a really good movie.

But more than that, it got me thinking. Would I want to do the same sort of thing and erase a past relationship or mistake or other painful memory so that I’d never have to think of it again? My first instinct was HELL YES I would. And I’ve got relationships, memories, and other various transgressions in spades people. Far too numerous to mention here, maybe another day. But while at the time, they all sucked, they made me who I am today. And while this hasn’t always been the case, I really like who I am. I’ve got a damn good life and part of that is due to what I’ve learned about being a human being.

That’s where we become who we are, in our darkest moments. You get strength from the hard times. Sure, there was that one time in high school (ah…high school) where I drank waaaaaaay too much at a party, acted like an ass, got sick, apparently fell down some stairs at some point and showed up at school on Monday on CRUTCHES PEOPLE. I wanted to literally DIE of humiliation. It was awful. But I learned the consequences of being a 17 year old drunken jackass. And never again was I a 17 year old drunken jackass. You know…I went away to school the next year and I was an 18 and 19 year old drunken jackass but the crutches, now THOSE were a one time thing. So I don’t even think I would erase that, my single most embarrassing moment ever. (Walking into class on Monday, not the drunken escapade that I don’t remember anyway).

I mean, if we don’t learn from our mistakes and our bad relationships then how do we ever grow up? Our past is our past, sure, but it makes our future. If it didn’t exist, we’d just repeat mistakes over and over and if we don’t learn from our past, aren’t we destined to keep repeating it and never get to our futures? That’s really depressing if you ask me.

Also, Kate Winslet’s tangerine hair kicked ass.

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