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Published by PaintingChef on 23 Mar 2011

And here you thought you were rid of me…

Well THAT was awkward…

Look, I’m back. I still exist. I’ve been precariously close to jumping off a building the last few days and I won’t deny that Monday was a Very Bad Day in my office and then at my house. There were tears. There was wine. There was chocolate. It appeared as though every word I’d ever written here was gone, lost, ka-put. And I doubted I’d have the ability to start over from scratch.

It’s all my fault, really. I received the emails, I read the scary words about server upgrades and PHP changes and back-ups and all that. I kind of glazed over them and pushed them to the side to deal with later. You know, right after I’d established world peace and organized my shoe closet.

And then suddenly I came here and wanted to talk about purple hair and pierced noses (more to come on that one) and all I got were some lines of code with words like “fatal error” and “you fucking idiot” on them. (Yeah, you saw those too, huh?) There was a flurry of frantic emails and support tickets and a less than stellar interaction with a VERY snotty tech support guy that will result in my switching hosts very soon.

But now we are back and better than ever as I am no longer running the WordPress equivalent of a 1972 Ford Pinto with an AM radio, a coat hanger for an antenna and a wrench for a window crank. I owe pretty much every ounce of my sanity at this point to Amy of Amy’s Musing’s (a dubious honor, no doubt). My partner in crime and internet BFF Zube hooked me up with her and within like 15 minutes, she had righted my world back on its axis.

They may think I’m kidding but I’m TOTALLY sending them both cookies. And ponies. As soon as they tell me where they live…

Published by PaintingChef on 12 Jan 2008

Jumping back on the technology train.

Dear Verizon Broadband…

I adore you. Now I can once again sit on my bed and keep track of which Spears daughter is flying her crazy flag today. I’ve felt quite out of the loop. Did you know Amy Winehouse cut off all her hair and went blonde? And apparently Nicole Richie is incubating something other than a human because she has been pregnant for like thirty seven months at this point. And let’s not even talk about Pamela Anderson supposedly being knocked up because somehow, Verizon Broadband, I don’t think you care.

Anyway. I decided that the funk I have been in since moving and bouncing around in this house all alone was a combination of two things, both of which are now resolved. First… I was alone. And I’ve never done well alone. But Patrick is back which means that not only am I not alone but the dog no longer hates me because she no longer thinks that I sent her most prized person ever packing. Have you ever encountered a golden retriever who is under the impression that you ruined their world? I wouldn’t recommend it. And secondly? I feel a little less isolated because I have internet again. And I’m not even afraid to admit it. So there.

As a matter of fact, I’m feeling so shiny and happy that I will give you the first glimpse into the new digs… without even moving the trash bag OR the empty beer case. Because I’m that kind of girl.

Much love,