Things I Should Be Doing Today:

Cleaning out that random cabinet in the laundry room and perhaps trying to figure out why on earth we have at least 2 broken smoke detectors and several lunchboxes. One of which says “Shoney’s” on it.

Organizing things that the movers won’t take with them. Like paint. And chemicals. And fingernail polish remover?

Picking things up. Just in general. And maybe doing a wee bit of vacuuming. No need to move all those pet hair tumbleweeds 350 miles away.

Getting dressed

Making something for dinner

Consolidating the various piles and piles of crap related to the Artists Guild that I’ve accumulated over the past 2 years so that I can hand them off when I scoot our of here not a moment too soon.

Things That I Have Actually Accomplished Today:

Going to the grocery store. In pajamas. At noon.

Watched “The True Story of Charlie Wilson” on the History channel. Twice.

Cuddled with the puppy.

Watched One Tree Hill. And I fully intend to watch The O.C. after that. Probably even 90210. Oh who am I kidding… those other two are just the warm up acts…

Folded some clothes. Because I am a domestic goddess. Fuck all that cleaning and cooking crap, my husband has clean socks AND underwear.