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Published by PaintingChef on 09 Jan 2008

Head vs. Heart

How long does it take for somewhere to feel like home? Obviously I need to unpack a box or two. Or million. But things are beginning to take shape. Clearly. My bed, my couch, my dining room table. They are all here. But the one thing missing is the one factor that would make me feel like I was home even if I was in some third world hut somewhere. (And no… I’m not without indoor plumbing, thank you very much). Patrick isn’t here. He is still in Augusta. Or rather he is back in Augusta to finish his last few days of work. He’ll be here on Friday and I so hope that by that time I’ve not whipped myself into such a frenzy about not feeling like this could be “home” that there is no going back.

Because going back is exactly what we’ve done. Here I am just over the river from the town I grew up in. Close to people and places I’ve know my entire life. (And no. I haven’t called you. Or you. Or anyone. Please don’t take offense. It’s a miracle I didn’t throw up my hands and buy a new phone like I did with laundry detergent, a kitchen scrub brush and tampons. I actually found a phone in the boxes.)

I had to run a few errands this morning and so instead of exploring this new area, this other side of the river that I’m trying to turn into my new bubble, I simply went to Knoxville. And as I was driving around seeing all the familiar places I felt just like I always do when I’m in town visiting my family. I felt like I was just… visiting. And maybe if I do want Maryville to be my bubble, that’s a good thing. But I wasn’t expecting it.

I just kind of assumed that since I was “coming home” I would instantly feel home. That I wouldn’t rattle around this adorable house (pictures to come, I promise. Just let me unpack some boxes first… please) and allow myself to wonder if we’ve made a mistake coming back here. In my head I know that we haven’t. My head knows that this is a fabulous opportunity for both of us and will help give us such a secure future. It knows that once Patrick is back we can really settle in. We will hang things on the wall and grill out and cuddle on the couch and meet our neighbors. We will drink too much wine and we will linger over coffee in bed on Sunday morning.

It’s just my heart. My heart is surprisingly homesick. And I didn’t see that one coming.

(Also? I wasn’t kidding about that whole without internet this week thing. I am typing this in Word and when I go to my parents for dinner this evening in like an hour I am going to hijack their wireless and post it. I am already having SEVERE blogoshpere withdrawals. I actually tried to just plug a phone line into my laptop last night to see if it worked. Sadly? Not so much. It’s a dark day when you are PRAYING for dial-up, no?)

Published by PaintingChef on 07 Jan 2008

And we have landed.

Moving is hard. I’m freaking exhausted. My feet hurt, I hate boxes with every fiber of my being and my kitchen is a wreck. More to come…

Once we work out this whole internet thing as we have apparently moved to the boonies. What can anyone tell me about their experiences with mobile broadband through a cell phone company?

Published by PaintingChef on 02 Jan 2008

I guess this is what they call the point of no return?

But what I’m TRULY afraid to find out is just how many boxes carry this particular label…

(For the record, my father is banking on ten boxes. Out of a grand total of ninety-six.)

Published by PaintingChef on 20 Dec 2007

For new adventures to begin, some things must first find their conclusions.

Things around me seem to be moving normally today. It’s still five days until Christmas. The lady at Starbucks still called me honey-pie. (And yes. Ever since that awful cup of tea incident I’ve done my damndest to avoid Starbucks. But Christmas without peppermint mocha is like cheese with no wine. Why even bother?) I overslept, the cat bit my nose and traffic was a mess.

But today is different. Today so many things are coming to an end. And that’s a natural part of this whole upheaval of our entire lives that Patrick and I have put in process, I know that. But it just feels… odd.

Today is my last day of work. My last day at this place where I’ve spent the past four years. (Which, by the way, is the longest I’ve ever done ANYTHING other than marriage? Or been a pain in the ass. Or stoned.) But I’ve really enjoyed this work situation. No, it’s never been monumentally taxing on my intelligence or creativity but it has allowed me to discover two very important things about myself that I hope to keep with me forever. (Holy fuck but I’m sappy this morning.)

The first is that it was through work that I sold my first painting. Until then I had never even thought of myself as an artist, just someone who slung some paint around when the mood struck me and then took up closet space with things she wasn’t even sure were worthy of hanging on her own wall, let alone someone else’s. But the company I work(ed) for has an employee art exhibition and in a moment of unprecedented bravery, I submitted a few things. And they sold almost immediately. So slowly I began to allow myself to think of myself as an artist. This led to me looking for ways to be involved in the arts community. And kind of altered the direction of my life.

And the second, dear internet, is that is has allowed me to write. Due to the aforementioned … less than challenging nature of my job, one thing I was blessed with was more free time that I knew what to do with. Which eventually manifested itself in the form of this website. A website that, let’s face it, contains far more of its share of navel-gazing and generally sucks ass, especially lately; but one that has reminded me that I love to write. And even more important than allowing me to write, through this website I’ve met some amazing people. I have made friends that I would have never, in a million years, crossed paths with were it not for the time I spend sitting in front of this computer and getting paid for it. And those friends have made my life better.

Aside from it being my last day of work, Patrick also gave his notice at work this morning. His work situation has given him far more stress and heartburn and sleepless nights than mine has. He has been taken advantage of and kicked around. But he has also impressed the pants of some people and learned so much. Through his work, we’ve also made some wonderful friends, people I will miss dearly. (Because OBVIOUSLY… it’s all about me.) But I think that Patrick’s job has provided him with a great deal of confidence in his abilities as an engineer. Something that I hope he carries with him for the rest of his life.

And finally, this afternoon we officially sell our first house. I think that this is the one that affects me the most. I cannot begin to explain the love I have for our house. We have poured our blood, sweat and tears into making it ours. There is nowhere that I feel more comfortable or relaxed and I can’t even comprehend that in a few short hours it will no longer be ours. I remember the first few months after Patrick and I got married before I had a job. He would leave for work and I would get out of bed and just wander around staring at this place and feel like an imposter, like a kid playing grown up with her boyfriend while her parents were out of town. And slowly, room by room, we made it our own. The wallpaper came down and vibrant paint colors went up. We filled it with friends and family. Never have I felt more… well… at home than I have there.

We will make our new house the same wonderful place, I have no doubts. But I think your first house is always closest to your heart. (And obviously I can’t even talk about uber-deck. Because just between you and me, I’m still trying to figure out how to take the damn thing with me.)

So yes. Today is a banner day. And for those of you keeping score at home… by the end of the day I will, technically, be unemployed and homeless.

Published by PaintingChef on 12 Dec 2007

In which the internet is a good deal smarter than me.

Hi. I have now fully recovered from the hangover that followed the previous drunken posting. It only took me 5 short days.

(Oh my… have I really run out of things to tell you? It’s been 5 days since we last spoke? It’s not that I’ve run out of things to tell you, I promise. It’s just that I don’t want to bore you with talk of moving and packing and buying and selling.)

But… I probably will anyway. Did you know that there are websites that will help you calculate your moving schedule for you? And that if you first venture across them a scant 3 weeks (gulp) before you are moving and you have the cojones to tell them that no, as a matter of fact you HAVEN’T packed the first box, that they will just go ahead and offer to have a nervous breakdown for you?

And did you know that just because you are hoping and praying and wishing that your moving expenses will include having the movers pack all your shit that it doesn’t guarantee said convenience? And that maybe if you aren’t certain those movers are going to be lovingly boxing your plates and forks that perhaps it would behoove you to make a little effort to start getting things packed on your own?

No? Neither did I…

Also… did you know that when you massively declutter your house and pile everything for a garage sale into your garage that you need to actually PLAN the garage sale in order to get rid of your shit? You can’t just leave it piled there behind a closed garage door and hope that the garage sale elves come and whisk it all away? And that perhaps December 15th is awfully late in the year for a garage sale?

Yes? Oh… yes, well, me too, of course.

BUT! Did you know WHY December 15th is too late in the year for a garage sale? Were you aware that everyone in the world was out Christmas shopping and that perhaps that is something you should look into doing as well?

Oh. Yes… me too… duh.

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