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Hopefully, if you click on that picture it will go to the others…again, I say…HOPEFULLY…

I feel like the seventy year old woman who is so proud she just got her first computer. Or the way Zack Morris must feel when he sees those quasi-old “Saved By The Bell” episodes where he uses that massive cell phone that probably comes with its own battery backpack to call Mr. Belding from The Maxx and cause all sorts of mayhem.

You see, I? Have finally decided to experiment with Flickr. So here are some pictures from the Pikes Place Market in Seattle. Bear with me if they are all a little wonky. I don’t think any of you realize just how much behind the scenes coaching via emails that start out something like “I’ve fucked it all up ONCE AGAIN and its all so very BAD BAD BAD!!” coaching that this lovely person does for me…

But this one? All on my own kids…all on my own.

There now, that wasn’t so terribly long and drawn out, was it?